9 Weapons of Hope™

Your Story

You wonder if your story matters

As we walk, crawl, or claw our way through our time on earth, it begins to feel as if we are unworthy of living life to the fullest, so we accept mediocrity, or worse yet, we find ourselves down on the mat, with our Beast on top of us. We get stuck in our story rather than standing on top of it.

What holds too many people back from becoming their best are shame and guilt. Climb up out of the muck and the mire of your story and stand on top of it. This situation happened or is happening. It is your reality. A heartbreak knocked you down. Your child is off course. Somebody betrayed you or left you feeling damaged. You live with a hole in your heart. Fear has gripped you. You made a mistake or became complacent. But none of this needs to define you.

No matter what you have been through, there is help and hope.

A 9 Weapons of Hope™ Course

While life is messy, it also affords us incredible opportunities to use our lessons to rise up out of the muck and mire. Yours should be a testimony to the power of standing up and claiming all of it – no matter how unappealing some parts may appear. Somebody (or lots of people) needs the inspiration of your truth. Stand on your story, not in spite of, but because of it.

In this course you will learn perspectives and strategies to believe change is possible, disrupt self-defeat, recognize the value of your story, commit to change, stand on your story, and own your power.

Weapon of Hope™ Guidebook

The Guidebook is a combination of weapon insight and a workbook.

Module Guidance Via Video

Individual videos for each module where Valerie gives you a more personal insight to the section of the Weapon of Hope™.

Audio Version

Use the audio version of the videos for convenience and further reinforcement of message.

Connect with other Warriors

Join the community of warriors finding hope. Join with others using the 9 Weapons of Hope™. You will find wisdom and connection, and perhaps an awesome friendship.

Re-usable resource

Come back and use the course when you are off-track, need a refresher, or a jumpstart.

The 9 Weapons of Hope™ comes in TWO Versions:

The Foundations is our starter level available in the SAPPHIRE Membership –  for those not able to fully invest themselves in a program but need to start somewhere.

The full ARSENAL version is a part of the EMERALD membership and is a robust course for those ready to elevate their journey. We call this Weapon Mastery!

Two versions, one mission: To battle our Beasts and Disrupt Trauma for Good™.