Your Release: one of the 9 Weapons of Hope™


Since you have so little control, you are left feeling frustrated, and surprisingly, out of control. Yes, you heard it right. The more you attempt to control the uncontrollable, at the expense of not handling what you can, the more out-of-control you become.

It is time to stop trying to control everything. This will take a tremendous amount of courage, and the more you let go of your need to control, the more powerful you will feel. There is real power in letting go!

There is help and hope.

A 9 Weapons of Hope™ Course

You expend energy trying to control a myriad of things or people. If you have a white knuckle grip on something, it might even scare you to death to let go, but the reality is that you likely never had control in the first place.

You can be free from whatever is holding you down. No matter which of life’s Beasts have attached themselves to you, it is your right and responsibility to let go of them.  It is your time to live life to the fullest. The clock is counting down on your precious life, so stand up and claim it.

Weapon of Hope™ Guidebook

The Guidebook is a combination of weapon insight and a workbook.

Module Guidance Via Video

Individual videos for each module where Valerie gives you a more personal insight to the section of the Weapon of Hope™.

Audio Version

Use the audio version of the videos for convenience and further reinforcement of message.

Connect with other Warriors

Join the community of warriors finding hope. Join with others using the 9 Weapons of Hope™. You will find wisdom and connection, and perhaps an awesome friendship.

Re-usable resource

Come back and use the course when you are off-track, need a refresher, or a jumpstart.

Here’s a sneak peak into the Weapon…