Your Legacy: one of the 9 Weapons of Hope™


When we are down and out we stop believing we impact others. We might not even think about things like legacy. The fact is the we are leaving an imprint of ourselves on other people whether or not we realize it. So, it’s critical that we ensure we are depositing the right stuff into others.

You can (and should) make a positive impact even if you are going through a tough time. In fact, it could be the BEST time to do just that. 

A 9 Weapons of Hope™ Course

It may not occur to you that YOU have something to offer the world, but you do. I remember wondering how I would give back when I felt like a failure.

When your life feels like a mess, it is pretty hard to imagine making meaning. You might be completely wiped out, and the thought of spending time reaching out to even one other person is too much.

No matter how where you are today, you have much to offer, your legacy is being created, so make it one that matters!

Weapon of Hope™ Guidebook

The Guidebook is a combination of weapon insight and a workbook.

Module Guidance Via Video

Individual videos for each module where Valerie gives you a more personal insight to the section of the Weapon of Hope™.

Audio Version

Use the audio version of the videos for convenience and further reinforcement of message.

Connect with other Warriors

Join the community of warriors finding hope. Join with others using the 9 Weapons of Hope™. You will find wisdom and connection, and perhaps an awesome friendship.

Re-usable resource

Come back and use the course when you are off-track, need a refresher, or a jumpstart.

Here’s a sneak peak into the Weapon…