Your Focus: one of the 9 Weapons of Hope™


Focus is a big deal for anyone who faces a seemingly insurmountable problem or feels like life has dealt them a bad hand. It is for most people for many reasons. What you focus on becomes magnified. Stare at a minor issue long enough, and it becomes an overwhelming problem.

If we stare at our problems and losses we become convinced that this is all our lives consist of and we find it hard to locate much of anything that is good.

When we obsess over other people’s lives, we miss our own. Not to mention, we are not comparing ours to what is really going on in their lives.


A 9 Weapons of Hope™ Course

The battle is for your mind. It is essential to tame your thoughts since they turn into words, and words have power. Worse yet, those powerful words lead to actions. Guard your thoughts by not allowing them to run rampant with a constant focus on the negative. It is time to shift your focus away from your troubles and on to possibilities.

Living a life of victory requires proper focus, so this Weapon of Hope™ is at your disposal to help you do just that. The tools are available anytime your Beast rears his ugly head and tries to cloud your judgment or get you fixated on other people’s lives.

Weapon of Hope™ Guidebook

The Guidebook is a combination of weapon insight and a workbook.

Module Guidance Via Video

Individual videos for each module where Valerie gives you a more personal insight to the section of the Weapon of Hope™.

Audio Version

Use the audio version of the videos for convenience and further reinforcement of message.

Connect with other Warriors

Join the community of warriors finding hope. Join with others using the 9 Weapons of Hope™. You will find wisdom and connection, and perhaps an awesome friendship.

Re-usable resource

Come back and use the course when you are off-track, need a refresher, or a jumpstart.

Only Available as part of a Warriors in Hope™ Membership.

Here’s a sneak peak into the Weapon…