When our Beasts get bigger, so does the need for a voice to fight them. We are that Voice!

You can participate as a Warrior in Hope in different ways. Choose the one (or all) best for your journey to freedom from your Beast: Valerie’s Coaching | Confident Start Programs | Courage Challenge | Free Access | Private Group

It is your time to live with courage and hope.

Empower Yourself to Live Courageously


There are many great coaches and mentors, but with many, once your discussion is over, you are on your own. Since our programs are digital and include video and guidebooks, you get access to Valerie 24/7! All coaching includes the 9 Weapons of Hope to benefit any area of your life. They include videos, guidebooks & journals, graphics, downloads, progress tracking, and more. 

This is where real transformation begins.

Empower Yourself to Live Courageously


Warriors in Hope® programs for gaining valuable perspectives, putting something into your toolbox, and getting inspired to dig deeper.

These are great Getting Started Resources with powerful insights and approachable actions to give you the discipline for working deeper in our other Warriors in Hope programs.

Live Courageously!

Empower Yourself to Live Courageously


FEAR is one of the biggest culprits holding us back or down. Life will always be scary in specific ways, so overcoming fear’s hold over us is mission-critical. Living courageously takes practice. Join Me for 21 days of empowerment on your journey to overcome fear and live with hope.

Live Courageously! Spend 3 weeks with me doing one thing a day to build your confidence and create more courage.

Let’s do this together!

Empower Yourself to Live Courageously


Not Ready to Jump in to Warrior Empowerment coaching yet? You can become a free Warriors in Hope Member and get some complimentary resources.

You will have access to our Warriors in Hope Membership site to begin your journey to freedom.

Welcome Warrior!

Empower Yourself to Live Courageously


This group is hosted on Facebook. It is NOT a place where you find resources. Rather, it’s our community. Here, you can learn more about resources and importantly, connect with other warriors who are also looking to create more courage and hope in their lives.

(Be sure to agree to the group rules in order to be accepted to the group

See you there!

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