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Valerie Silveira Speaking

Valerie Silveira, Founder & Champion of Warriors in Hope® 

Valerie lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband Rich.

Valerie is a speaker, thought leader, an award-winning author of multiple books, workbooks, journals, and the creator of the 9 Weapons of Hope to guide people worldwide through the path to Courage.

She is known as a woman of unwavering strength who has stood through the trauma and lessons of her daughter, Jamie’s 15-year addiction, her shooting at the age of eighteen, and Jamie’s senseless murder twelve years later. She believes that becoming a victim is not your fault, but remaining one is a choice.

Valerie is an effective leader because she walks her talk. She has an incredibly relatable style, is very transparent, quick-witted, and has a great sense of humor. Most of all, she has a heart for those who want to improve their lives.

Valerie is on a mission to link arms with other warriors on their road to freedom from their beasts (we all have them) – shame, guilt, helplessness, hopelessness, fear – those things that knock us down and keep us from our legacy.

I have attended many seminars and workshops over the years and Valerie’s truly stands out as one of the best. This is largely due to the fact Valerie is the amazing woman she is. I was impressed to see amazing changes by the people in her audience.

Dr. Simone Ravicz

PhD, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Licensed Trauma Specialist

From the moment I met Valerie, I knew she was different, not just because she is a fiery red head with a fun personality, but because when you meet her, you can’t see or feel the pain she has walked through.

Kalen Arreola

CEO / Military Veteran

Meeting Valerie at a live event has been an amazing highlight of my personal journey. She truly adds a level of interaction and encouragement that has kept me motivated to stay the course long after the event.

Sarah Earle

Rock Your Reflection Founder / Warrior in Hope

“She’s so transparent.”

“She will make you laugh, make you cry, and make you think.”

“Best event ever.”

“I got so much more out of it than I imagined.”

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