With Trauma Disruptors Programs, so you can Disrupt Trauma for Good®


A Trauma Disruptors Program to rise above their addiction and reclaim your life.

Navigating your child's addiction and the guilt, shame, and grief that come with it can be very stressful and lonely. Those who haven't walked this road have no idea how painful, isolating, desperate, and terrifying life becomes. It's a path you wouldn't wish on anyone.

This online program includes 9 separate modules, with a downloadable 16-page Audio Guidebook and a 24-page Guidebook to empower you to focus on your recovery so you will be healthy and whole when your son or daughter finds their way to recovery and to handle life's other challenges.



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My son told me that me changing myself was huge in his recovery! You are a game-changer Valerie.


Your recovery matters, too.



A Trauma Disruptors Program to create a warrior mentality so you can stand through anything.

This online program includes 10 separate modules with a downloadable 46-page Guidebook & Journal to empower you to change your mindset so you can overcome fear, anxiety, self-doubt, and more.

Modules: Introduction, The First Thing You Absolutely Must Do, Seeing Yourself as Brave, Stop Agreeing With the Lies, The One Habit You Must Kick, Facing Fears - Big & Small, Let Go of What's Keeping You Out of Control, Why You Must Get Around Other Warriors, How Warriors Make Meaning



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I got past my copout of "I'm not as strong as Valerie." Eventually, I was crossing off every one of my excuses, and circling REASONS for me to press on.


You are stronger than you think!

“The 9 Weapons of Hope have changed my life. I am back in the workforce and I have learned self-care. I use the 9 Weapons to fight the Beast and I get up stronger each time. We deserve a good life and we are the only ones who can give that to ourselves.”

Monette Hopkins

“Once I decided that I didn’t want to be sad and miserable all the time, and walking around like a zombie just going through the motions of life, while it just kept passing me by, it changed my life! Now I immerse myself in MY recovery.”

Jeri Griess

Meet Valerie

If you never heard Valerie’s story, it would be difficult to imagine that her daughter Jamie was murdered at the age of 30 or that it was not the first time Jamie had been shot — 12 years and 12 days earlier, she survived the same injury.

Her story doesn’t reflect the woman you see today. Through the pain and trauma of Jamie’s addiction and her daughter’s senseless murder, Valerie has become a woman of unwavering strength and courage and helps others disrupt their trauma and use it for good.

Valerie is an effective leader because she walks her talk. She is compassionate while inspiring people to step out of their comfort zone and become more. Valerie is quick-witted, engaging, wise, and fun. She is a believer who does her best to walk out her mission and create a legacy of hope.

Valerie is the creator of the 9 Weapons of Hope®, her exclusive Arsenal of resources available through the Warriors in Hope® Membership. She’s an inspirational and engaging speaker and an award-winning author of multiple books, workbooks, and journals. Valerie has a special heart for other moms with sons and daughters in addiction because she knows firsthand the devastating path they walk. Valerie also knows there is hope. Her programs guide people to overcome the fallout from life’s many traumas. 

Valerie lives in Phoenix, AZ, with her husband, Rich, and their crazy cat, Fiona, near her son, Sean, and his wife, Nicki.

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