Time is Precious

Time is the great equalizer. It is the one thing we can’t get more of no matter who we are, how important we become, how much money we make, or anything else.

We don’t have the luxury of wasting, spending, or killing this precious commodity.


  • Time flies whether we are having fun or not.
  • We can get more of most things, but not time.
  • Consider how much time you have spent stuck where you are are going backwards.
  • Today is the only day you’re guaranteed.

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Hey there, friends and fellow warriors, time is precious. Now listen, I’ve gone around this planet 59 times now and I can tell you without question that it spins faster every single time. If you’re my age, maybe even 10 years younger, you probably feel the same way. I remember not thinking life was going by that quickly when I was younger or maybe not even thinking about it. I think that the closer we get to the inevitable, we start to think about it a little bit more. The numbers start to mean a lot more. So time, it’s this commodity that we can’t get any more of, no matter who we are, no matter how wealthy we become, no matter how good of a person we become, no matter how much faith we have, none of it matters with regard to time.

Time is not a respecter of persons. It doesn’t really care. It just keeps whipping on by.

This is such an important thing, and this is one of the sections in my Weapon of Hope called your decisions, my 9 Weapons of Hope that you can check out at valeriesilveira.com and I put this in there because I think it’s important for us not to just go, okay, let’s go in and work on this and work on how am I going to change and all that. Sometimes we just have to have concepts in our head because those are the kinds of things that will get us going when we’re wiped out and don’t feel like going.

These are the types of things that will give us that little nudge or that spark of hope, that inspiration to do it when we don’t feel like it because let’s face it, most of the people following me have been through some stuff. You’ve been through the ringer and that can wipe us out. The good news about doing something like the 9 Weapons of Hope, even though a lot of it will test you and you got to dig down deep and some of it might be a little uncomfortable and might have to stretch you and you might have to do some changing, so what.

At least you won’t be stuck anymore, but it can exhaust you when you are where you are. I understand that. If you’ll just take a little chance, you might find that you get a lot of energy. You become invigorated. So anyway, on this whole time is precious thing, you know how people say time flies when you’re having fun? Well, I disagree with that, well partially. Time does fly when you’re having fun. A party, a vacation, boom, it flies. But guess what? It flies when you’re not having fun too. It just flat out flies. So, in my 9 Weapons of Hope and actually in my books and workbooks, I had this. This is something that I also had in there and this is my time chart, and what this is going to help you do is identify how long you’ve been stuck and then put it in terms of years, months, weeks, and days.

It’ll be an eye opener, my friend. So, here’s this chart and you go, okay, so most of us it’s been years. So, you start with years. That’s all I did. I didn’t break this down into actual… Who knows when all this stuff actually happened. So for me, I lived on the rollercoaster from hell for 13 years. So, I find 13 on this chart. You want to know what it translates to? 156 months, 4,745 days of my precious days. Today is the only day you’re guaranteed, that’s it. Every day after today is a bonus.

These days are sacred, precious, and I used up 4,745 of them riding the rollercoaster from hell.

Now listen, you’re not going to be able to completely avoid having bad days. I’m not suggesting that. Did I have some good times in the middle of these 4,745 days? Yeah. Did I have entire days where it was fantastic? No, I didn’t, absolutely not because no matter how it looked on the outside, no matter how much I was trying to enjoy my life, I was not, that dark cloud, that torture. I used to tell Rich that I feel like I have a life sentence with Jamie. It was really torturous for me. So, those were not quality years. Those were not quality days. You want to know how many hours that translates to? 113,880 hours and 6,832,800 minutes. Our minutes are precious too.

So really, what you got to start to ask yourself, what are you going to do with the rest of your precious time?

That’s what I challenge you today to do. What are you going to do with it? Are you going to keep living the way you are if you’re feeling really down and just hoping something else will change, or do you think maybe you could change? And, I’m not saying that you’re this terrible person and you need to change. We all can become better. We all can use our trauma for good. We can all get rid of shame and guilt and stand on top of our stories and start being that person that’s that glimmer of hope for another person.

We can all improve our legacy because that’s a whole other Weapon of Hope, your legacy. Oh boy, I can’t wait to hear about that one, but we can all be better and it isn’t even so much about being better. A lot of us are like a mere shadow of our former selves. I certainly was. I just wanted to get back a part of me. Actually, you want to know what? When I first stood up to fight, I was hoping I could be happy for one hour.

That was my goal, one hour to just be happy and mean it, really mean it and not have that dark cloud where I was just kind of forcing it.

So, when I say that we can all change… Well, obviously we can all change and improve, but sometimes what I’m saying is that if you’re down on the mat and you’re just going to and wait until other people get it together or for someone to come along and pluck you up, sprinkle that magic fairy dust on you, you might be waiting the rest of your life and time is too precious for you to wait, for you to waste, for you to pass, for you to kill, for you to endure. Today is the day that you make that decision to stand up and fight, and if there’s anything I can do to help you with that, I hope that you go to valeriesilveira.com. You’ll see all sorts of free resources, you’ll see my 9 Weapons of Hope. You can definitely come back and subscribe to this channel and make sure you’re watching these videos.

You can go listen to my podcast, a lot of different ways that you can get information. If you’re really serious though, the 9 Weapons of Hope is where it’s at and join my Trauma Disruptors community. We’re starting a whole new type of community, not one where you jump on social media and just everything’s scrolling through and there’s all these distractions and different posts and next thing you know you’re off on a rabbit trail.

We are focused on disrupting trauma for good, on learning to live courageously. Maybe at this point for you it’s just getting to your knees, eventually standing on your feet, and after a while standing strong and before long, hopefully, you will choose to soar. And, that might seem a long ways off for you, but you might be surprised if you start right now and make that decision because your life is too valuable, your piece of the world’s puzzle is…

There’s only one you. That’s it, there’s nobody else exactly like you. The world can’t afford for you to stay down on the mat. Time is precious and it’s flying by. You’re not alone. I’m standing right there with you.