Warriors in Hope® Empowers You! 

Warriors in Hope believe in the power of courage. Our mission is to empower a million women to disrupt trauma and fear by embracing courage as the north star. When women find the strength to face their fears, amazing transformations happen. But our mission goes beyond individual empowerment. We are creating a ripple effect, doing our part to bring hope to the world.

Warriors in Hope

Overcome the grip of grief, shame, guilt, helplessness. hopelessness, self-pity, insecurity, loneliness, unhappiness, rejection, discouragement, indecision, regret, negativity, and fear. Choose courage.

Warriors in Hope is on a mission to help a million women and those who love them to disrupt their trauma and replace it with Courage and Hope!

Join us as a Warrior in Hope! Let’s defy the odds and build a future where adversity no longer defines us. Your journey to freedom begins here as you tap into your strength and forge a path of unbreakable courage and boundless hope. 

You are one in a million!

But it takes each of us to reach all of us.

Literally changed the trajectory of my mind and my daily survival. And I gained forever friends sisters. Choose to be a Warrior in Hope!

Sarah Earle

I became a true warrior when God put you in my life all those years ago. We still go through hard times but we always get back up!

Donna Bova-Manly

I hope more people begin to realize the power of their story, and its ability to help others.


Warriors in Hope is for you if you:

  • No longer want fear to write your story.
  • Are ready for true empowerment.
  • Want to put on the armor of God.
  • Are ready to ditch shame and guilt.
  • Want to overcome the grip grief has over you.
  • Need freedom from your Beast.
  • Ready to live out your purpose.
  • Want to uncover limiting beliefs holding you back.
  • Are ready to build a safe, judgement-free community.
  • Need some guidance.
  • Are ready to implement practical tools for a life of freedom.
  • Want to rise above your circumstances.
  • Are ready to use your story for good.
  • Want courage to redefine your legacy.

Become a Warrior in Hope!

When our Beasts get bigger, so does the need for a voice to fight them. WE ARE THAT VOICE.

You have definitely been a shining light in my life. You helped me to get through the most tragic and horrific times in my life. You are a Warrior. Go forth to continue to slay the Beast for other Warriors in need.


Thank you words can never describe what you have done for so many. God Bless and never lose your muchness warrior.

Jennine D.

You are a true warrior and have helped so many people through their journey the roller coaster from hell I thank you for that.

Becky Thompson

Meet some of our Warriors in Hope:

Warriors in Hope
Dianne Chatelain
Saint Augustine, FL
Warriors in Hope
Donna Bova-Manly
Old Saybrook, CT
Warriors in Hope

Sarah Earle
Charleston, SC

Warriors in Hope
Annelle Abernethy
Shelton, WA
Warriors in Hope
Jeri Griess
Syracuse, UT
Warriors in Hope

Sean Maher
Anthem, AZ

Warriors in Hope

Dawn Ward
Las Vegas, NV

Warriors in Hope

CeCe Perez
Doral, FL

Warriors in Hope

Kami Dayries
Bossier City, LA

Warriors in Hope
Jo Ann Smith
Flagstaff, AZ
Warriors in Hope
Monette Hopkins
Circleville, OH
Warriors in Hope

Meet the Founder & Champion of Warriors in Hope

Valerie Silveira
Founder & Champion of Warriors in Hope®

Valerie’s story is one of unimaginable tragedy and inspiring strength. She got the knock on the door every parent dreads. Her daughter had been murdered. Jamie suffered the same injury 12 years before when she was eighteen. While Valerie was painfully aware that Jamie was struggling with addiction and a dangerous lifestyle, she never imagined it coming to this. But instead of succumbing to despair, Valerie asked herself the most powerful question: “What now?”

In her journey through grief, Valerie discovered that courage is not reserved for superheroes or larger-than-life figures. It is a quality that resides within us. Determined to turn her pain into purpose, Valerie created a blueprint for resilience and hope.

Today, with unbreakable courage, Valerie inspires others who are facing their battles. She has become an award-winning author, leader, and speaker. She developed a unique system called the 9 Weapons of Hope®, which provides practical tools and strategies for navigating adversity.

Her powerful storytelling and vulnerable courage allow others to seek solace even when hope seems like the impossible. Her tools, education, events, and content enable others to discover themselves, reinvent themselves, and allow themselves to find the life they were meant to lead.

Valerie is the founder and champion of Warriors in Hope®, a community dedicated to empowering women to disrupt their trauma and replace it with courage and hope. With a diverse professional background in finance, teaching, coaching, and speaking, Valerie brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her work. She leads by example, demonstrating compassion and authenticity in all she does. Her quick wit, wisdom, and engaging presence make her a captivating speaker and mentor.

Valerie is committed to living in faith and making a difference in the lives of others, reminding them that courage is not reserved for the few but is within reach for all who dare to embrace it. She lives with her husband, Rich, in Phoenix, Arizona.

Frequently asked questions

We’ve compiled a list of the most common questions we get asked. If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to us.

Can’t find what you are looking for?

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Warriors in Hope

Q: What are the 9 Weapons of Hope?
A: This is Valerie’s signature program for taking down a Beast or dealing with everyday life! See MORE.

Q: Is there a cost to join Warriors in Hope?
A: No! It’s free to join. We have some resources you can purchase, but that is not necessary to be a part of the Warriors in Hope community. But we encourage you to consider paid membership where you get big benefits for a small cost!

Q: Will my name be listed somewhere?
A: Currently, we don’t have a member directory. If you join the Facebook community, that app will list you in the group.

Q: If I am in the Facebook Group, am I considered a Warrior in Hope?
A: Not unless you are also an actual member of Warriors in Hope. The FB Group is a way to communicate and could be joined independent of Warriors in Hope membership. But you are counted as a member when you join us and gain access to the Warriors in Hope Member site.

Q: What are the benefits of Membership?
A: For one, you gain access to complimentary resources you can implement NOW to start living with courage and hope. Also, you are part of a movement. With our Motivated Warrior and Empowered Warrior, you get incredible tools and resources for a low monthly cost.

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