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What are the 9 Weapons of Hope?

Picture yourself in your darkest moments.  Where even the brightest of days seems dim.  This is what we refer to as the Beast.  We have been there too, which is why the 9 Weapons of Hope were born.  None of us were blessed with all of the answers which is why we have taken years of experience, stories, lessons learned, research and real human connection to create a program of 9 powerful weapons that will help you discover the innate strength within you to build a personal action plan to conquer your own beasts and live the life you have been searching for.  Each weapon is designed to build on one another so you become stronger and stronger as you complete them. All Weapons include a guidebook and videos, progress tracking, and more, and you will have access to support along the way. Valerie's Warriors in Hope Empowerment Coaching uses the 9 Weapons.

Why are the programs and coaching on a different website?

Our content is protected and therefore is delivered through a member only website ( Whether you are taking advantage of free content or accessing your paid coaching and programs, you will find it all in the member page:

How long can I access the 9 Weapons of Hope Course?

There is no time limit on accessing the 9 Weapons of Hope®. In fact, we highly recommend returning to the course and repeating in its entirety and/or using a specific Weapon on a regular basis.  The journey is always evolving, and so will your need to adapt and change your Weapons over time.  But that’s why we gave you lifetime access, because sometimes the power of the weapons lies in how you learn to use them over time.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

We do not offer refunds or guarantees on programs or coaching.  And here’s why.  Everyone will experience the process of self-improvement in their own way.  It is impossible to foresee how each and every journey will play out, but what we can promise you, if you put in the work that we recommend, your life will change.  But that change comes with action and accountability which is why we never walk this path alone.  If you are feeling stuck and buyer’s remorse creeps in, that’s the Beast at work again.  Reach out, ask for help, we know it will get better and this is the best, first place to start.

Do you have free Warriors in Hope resources?

Yes! Go to and you will gain access to our membership home page where you can grab some free tools.

Can I purchase a coaching program and merchandise at the same time?

Our merchandise is sold on a separate shopping site as our products are shipped directly from our merchandise partner. is for merchandise orders and is where you find coaching and other programs.

If you have questions about programs or coaching, you can email Valerie directly at:

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