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Who is the Warriors in Hope™ Membership For?

We get it.  Navigating this journey through addiction, loss, grief and everything that comes with the coping of our Beasts or a loved one’s can be unbearable at times.  That’s why we developed this powerful membership to support a wide variety of individuals with a very diverse set of circumstances.  While we never compare our traumas, this is the safe place where we begin the discovery of hope and healing.  This is a tough, challenging and often fearful process, but that means it’s working.  This is for people who are willing to do the work though.  You must be in it to really win it and want to change.  It takes more than our thoughts.  It takes real, authentic action. We will help you with accountability, but this is where true healing and transformation begins.

What are the 9 Weapons of Hope™?

Picture yourself in your darkest moments.  Where even the brightest of days seems dim.  This is what we refer to as the Beast.  We have been there too, which is why the 9 Weapons of Hope™ were born.  None of us were blessed with all of the answers which is why we have taken years of experience, stories, lessons learned, research and real human connection to create a program of 9 powerful weapons that will help you discover the innate strength within you to build a personal action plan to conquer your own beasts and live the life you have been searching for.  Each weapon is designed to build on one another so you become stronger and stronger as you complete them. Each Weapon includes a guidebook and videos, progress tracking, and more, and you will have access to support along the way.  Welcome to a whole new way of living.  Let’s disrupt trauma for good!

Can I buy the 9 Weapons of Hope™ without becoming a member?

The 9 Weapons of Hope™ courses are only available as part of the Warriors in Hope™ Memberships. We have found that freedom from our Beasts, disrupting trauma, becoming couragous is a long journey - probably lifelong. When you have walked (or crawled) through what we have, it is going to take more than one course, as powerful as it is, to make a real change. By the way, the 9 Weapons of Hope™ is not intended to be used only once! This is why you get access as long as you are a member, so you can return and work on that Weapon Mastery!

What's the difference between Foundations and the Arsenal versions of the 9 Weapons of Hope™?

The Foundations provide with you the basic architecture of how to begin your journey to battle your Beast.  It’s for those who may not be able to fully invest themselves right now, but need to jumpstart somewhere.  But at some point, your journey will call for more. The 9 Weapons of Hope™ Arsenal takes the foundations of each weapon to a whole new level.  Now that you have stepped on to the battlefield and gotten a taste of taking on the Beast, it’s time to put together the action plan.  This is the complete version, full of even more powerful tools, resources and programs to help you through even the toughest of times.  Like we have said before, the Arsenal is about accountability, action and access to everything you need to elevate your journey.  And now you have a safe community ready to support you.

How long can I access the 9 Weapons of Hope Course?

There is no time limit on accessing the 9 Weapons of Hope™ course (Arsenal or Foundations) for your membership level. In fact, we highly recommend returning to the course and repeating in its entirety and/or using a specific Weapon on a regular basis.  The journey is always evolving, and so will your need to adapt and change your Weapons over time.  But that’s why we gave you lifetime access, because sometimes the power of the weapons lies in how you learn to use them over time.  

Can I change to a different level of Membership or payment plan?

Yes, if you are using a credit card. If you prefer a different Membership level, you will purchase the new membership subscription and our system will automatically apply the pro-rated portion of your last payment to the new subscription. This option only looks at the most recent payment. Example:  if you are halfway through the current membership, then half of the last payment will be credited to the new subscription.

Access to the current membership will be changed and you will gain access to the new Membership.  Clean and simple, so you don’t have to worry about the hassle of needing to make a change to your own journey.

Note: PayPal does not support changes in subscriptions, so if you are using PayPal, you would have to cancel your subscription and purchase a new one.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

We do not offer refunds to this program.  And here’s why.  Everyone will experience the 9 Weapons of Hope™ and this community in their own way.  It is impossible to foresee how each and every journey will play out, but what we can promise you, if you put in the work that we recommend, your life will change.  But that change comes with action and accountability which is why we never walk this path alone.  If you are feeling stuck and buyer’s remorse creeps in, that’s the Beast at work again.  Reach out, ask for help, we know it will get better and this is the best, first place to start.

We also honor your membership fee for a lifetime of the program so as we grow, your cost does not!

Can I join the Trauma Disruptors Community™ without a Warrior Membership?

Yes! Our Community is open to anyone (assuming you agree with our pledge and it seems like a good fit for you. Just go to and you will gain access to our membership home page - that's where we access the Warriors in Hope™ Memberships, the Trauma Disruptors Community™ and more!

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