FAQs About Memberships

Learn about basic navigation of Memberships.

Basic Member Navigation

Whether you are navigating the Paid or Free Memberships, BASIC navigation is the same.

The Member Dashboard is your access to courses and memberships.


Changing Your Password

To update your password or other account information, go to MY ACCOUNT.

Since you are already inside the membership, please change your password here (see red arrow):

You can always find the MY ACCOUNT link in the menu as well:


Member Dashboard

In the Member Dashboard you will see icons that are colored or greyed out. Colored means you have paid for Membership and/or requested Free Access to Resources.

Anything you cannot access – click on the Icon and learn more!!!

Membership Pages

In this example, we are inside the Warrior Mindset Guide Course. This particular resource has a short video and a guide to download.

Notice, you can access the MY ACCOUNT page and Go to the Member Dashboard from all member and course pages.



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