FAQs About Our Community

Our private community is a distraction-free way of supporting you in your efforts to stand up, disrupt trauma, overcome fear, stand up to your Beast, and more!

How to Join / Access the Community

On the website, you will see two different ways to get to the community: the main menu navigation, or under the Members dropdown menu.

The direct link is: https://valerie-silveira.circle.so/home

Our private Community is through a partnership with Circle. You can login to our community through our Valerie Silveira Website or through Circle with the same login.

Browser Warning when trying to login to Community

On some browsers, especially Safari, you might get this warning when trying to login to the Community.

This has to do with your browser and not our community. If you get this warning, we do have the suggested fix per Circle (our community host). See the Video or screenshots below from an iPhone. Other devices should be similar.






















The suggested fix is to change your settings to toggle OFF “Prevent Cross-Site Tracking” and “Block All Cookies.”

Here’s a short video demonstrating settings on an iPhone (other devices should be similar). Screen shots are below.




















Setting Up Your Profile

When you first join, you will come to this page where you can input your info:


When in the Community, go here to update or change your profile:



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