FAQs: 9 Weapons of Hope™

9 Weapons of Hope™ Membership Access

9 Weapons of Hope™ Memberships Include the 9 Weapons Arsenal, which is accessed through the Member Dashboard like all courses and memberships. (Notice in this example page, the “Warriors in Hope™” membership level is not accessible. Learn more about that in another “How To” Article.

9 Weapons of Hope™ Arsenal Dashboard

The 9 Weapons of Hope™ Arsenal Dashboard is where you will find access to the individual Weapons courses. In this example, we are showing all of the icons as accessible, but please note that when you first gain access to the Arsenal, you will only have access to Weapon #1 – Your Decisions. Each Weapon becomes available as the prior one is completed.


Individual 9 Weapons of Hope™ Courses

See the Your Decisions Weapon. Each Weapon page follows the same pattern.

On the left column, click the + symbol to access the content (video, audio, pdf, etc.)

Next to your Bio is the Weapon Progress tracking, which will update as you check off items in the checklist:


Once you complete ALL of the modules in the Weapon, a message will popup with a link to your Certificate and for the next Weapon.

You will also notice at the top of the page, that you are now at 100% completion!



9 Weapons of Hope™ Arsenal Progress

When you go back to the Arsenal Dashboard, the overall 9 Weapons of Hope™ progress is automatically updated from the progress of each Weapon.





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