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Valerie’s story is one of unimaginable tragedy and inspiring strength. She got the knock on the door every parent dreads. Her daughter had been murdered. Jamie suffered the same injury 12 years before when she was eighteen. While Valerie was painfully aware that Jamie was struggling with addiction and a dangerous lifestyle, she never imagined it coming to this. But instead of succumbing to despair, Valerie asked herself the most powerful question: “What now?”

In her journey through grief, Valerie discovered that courage is not reserved for superheroes or larger-than-life figures. It is a quality that resides within us. Determined to turn her pain into purpose, Valerie created a blueprint for resilience and hope.

Her powerful storytelling and vulnerable courage allow others to seek solace even when hope seems like the impossible. Her tools, education, events, and content enable others to discover themselves, reinvent themselves, and allow themselves to find the life they are meant to lead.

Valerie talks candidly about her painful journey and, importantly, the unbreakable courage and hope she developed along the way. Her style is transparent, conversational, and witty. Valerie tackles topics or truths others might be afraid to say out loud. In each episode, you will be inspired and empowered, and there will be some laughs along the way!

Some episodes include conversations with other Warriors – real people like you – giving you more perspectives, wisdom, and connections.

The Power of Our Circle of Strength

by Valerie Silveira with Rich Silveira & Sean Maher

April 24, 2024

April 17, 2024

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