March 13, 2019

Mother of Murdered Indio Woman Speaks Out

Losing a child is the worst kind of loss one can suffer. It is not the natural or “normal” order of things. Sadly, it is a reality for too many parents. My daughter, Jamie, lived for 30 years, 7 months, and 4 days, and half of her short life was filled with addiction, chaos, danger, and drugs.

The most gifted person I knew, the girl I thought would the first woman president, was on a Roller Coaster From Hell of addiction while I rode mine with my Beast of codependency and enabling.

My heart was shattered into a million pieces during my 13-year ride, and a permanent hole was blown into my heart the day she was murdered.

But, I have found a way to live with the hole and to be happy at the same time.

This short news clip was from a 2 1/2 hour interview. It was also the day after I faced my daughter’s accused killer in court at  his arraignment, nearly three years after the murder.

Valerie Silveira  | Trauma Disruptor & Legacy Leader™ is an award-winning author of multiple books, workbooks, and journals to guide people worldwide through the path to freedom. Valerie is known as a woman of unwavering strength who, through the trauma and lessons of her daughter’s addiction and her senseless murder, along with her decades of leadership, empowers others to stand up and live courageously. Her books, workbooks, journals, and 9 Weapons of Hope™ provide hope and healing for life’s many challenges. For information on Valerie’s courses, books, and speaking programs, visit

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