Go From Excuses to Reasons


Go From Excuses to Reasons

  • Excuses are easy.
  • Most of our reasons not to do something are excuses wrapped up to look like reasons.
  • The key is to go form excuses to reasons.




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Hey there. Let’s talk about moving from excuses to reasons. Now, first of all, can I give you a big congratulations, a little clap here for even hitting the start button on a video that tells you that you need to start moving from excuses to reasons, right?

When we’re making excuses, we don’t want someone telling us we’re making excuses. We like our excuses.

We like where we are. Well, the truth of the matter is we probably don’t like where we are, but it becomes comfortable. And we get to avoid those two things we don’t like, pain and fear. Because when we decide to change, we decide to step up to the plate, when we say enough is enough, we decide we’re going to battle that beast, we’re going to start making some big changes in our lives, let’s face it we’re scared, right? We don’t know what the future holds. We don’t know how we’re going to do this. There’s confusion. There’s apprehension. There’s fear. What will people think of me if I do this or that. Right? Fear.

And then there’s pain. We’re going to have to make some sacrifices. We’re going to have to make some changes. We’re going to have to dig down and face some things we haven’t wanted to face. But once you start moving from excuses to reasons, excuses not to do something to reasons to do something, your life’s going to change. Excuses keep us trapped. There’s no power in excuses. And most of our excuses, by the way, you might not be thinking of them as excuses, they’re reasons. Right? Okay. “Valerie, I’ve got reasons.” And there could be valid reasons for us not doing certain things, could be valid reasons, but most of the time we are making excuses because we want to avoid pain and fear.

Fears have to be faced. And, by the way, this concept is in my Nine Weapons Of Hope. And it is in the weapon of hope called your decisions. I talk more about fear in a different weapon of hope, and you can really get into that. But let me just touch on this. Once we stand up to fears, they diminish. Thinking about them as a heck of a lot scarier than actually doing them.

This is a minor, minor story, but it really is relatable. So I live where less than a mile, it’s actually in my neighborhood, at the edge of my neighborhood is a hiking trail, many hiking trails, actually, the trail head. And so I hike a couple of times a week in the morning and lately, because of the time of year I’ve been hearing people say, “Oh, there’s a rattlesnake up on the trail. Oh, there was one coiled here.” We’re starting to hear a little bit of buzz about that. So this morning I was laying in bed early and I thought, “Since I’m up so early, it’s not hot yet, I should get out and get on the trail.” I was feeling a little tired this morning. And so I started to make an excuse.

“Well, you know, we’re into rattlesnake season.” And the more I thought about the rattlesnake, the fear started to grow. “What happens if I run into it on the trail?” And I started in on that. And then, because I know how to use all these tools, I thought, “Okay, well, wait a minute. What are the chances of me running into a rattlesnake? It’s not like everybody’s laying on the trail with rattlesnakes stuck to their legs, right?” So I thought, come on, knock it off. Plus I got my poles. They can feel the vibration of my trekking poles. But my point was, the more I laid there, the bigger my fear started to be. I really started freaking out about rattlesnakes. I mean, I really was headed there and then my excuses started in, “Well, you know, also I’m a little sore from yesterday’s workout and you know, I don’t really want to wash my hair today if I get so sweaty.

I started to make all sorts of excuses. And then I said, “What’s the reason?”

Here’s the number one reason. Because I can, because I can do that. I’m fortunate enough to live where I live and to be healthy enough that I can go do it. And it’s something I enjoy. Okay. Number two, it’s getting hotter and hotter. And pretty soon I’ll be swimming in my pool in place of hiking, because it’ll just be way too hot even first thing in the morning. Number three, I’ll feel better afterward. Number four, it’s early enough that it is cool. And I just started going through the list of reasons and I hopped up, got up out of bed, made the bed, got my hiking clothes off and headed for the trail. And I’m so glad I did.

You see that? You can use this with anything, big things and little things. In the Nine Weapons Of Hope there’s actually an exercise to go through, to start figuring out how to turn excuses into reasons. But hopefully that right there, just that little tidbit, that little story might be a spark that’ll get you to do the very same thing with something you’re struggling about or something that comes up this week even if it’s something little. Start turning your excuses into reasons. Don’t let fear hold you back because fears are diminished when we face them, and pain, you know what? Typically we’re already in pain when we’re not doing something we need to do and life is, you know, that pain is part of it.

But on the other side of that fear and that pain, when you start turning your excuses into reasons is victory. Perhaps even freedom from your beast. Let’s disrupt trauma for good. Go to valeriesilveira.com, make sure you’re on my newsletter. I hope you’re in my trauma disruptors community and if you are, get communicating. Check out my free resources, definitely look into the Nine Weapons Of Hope membership. Let’s keep standing together. Let’s disrupt trauma for good, one step at a time, one action at a time, one weapon of hope at a time. You’re worth it. Your story matters.

So it’s time to start living it courageously and courageous people don’t make excuses. They start finding reasons.