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After we have lived on planet earth for a few years, life has beaten us up in some way. There is good news. Whatever mountains, monsters, and roadblocks you have encountered, you can learn to carry the lessons with you and leave the rest behind. You are stronger than you think! It’s more than a positive attitude. 

The Power of Your Story


We recognize & applaud others while sitting in the messiness of our lives, feeling insignificant. This short course will encourage you and give you actionable tools so you can begin to believe in the power of your story. With this Webinar & Guidebook course, you are going to see the value of yours!


Your’e in one of the most stressful and lonely places you can be; navigating through the guilt and grief of your adult child’s addiction. Yes, we hope and pray for your son or daughter’s recovery, but your recovery matters, too. Learn to live above your adult child’s addiction.

Meet Valerie

If you never heard Valerie's story, it would be difficult to imagine that her daughter Jamie was murdered at the age of 30 or that it was not the first time Jamie had been shot — 12 years and 12 days earlier, she survived the same injury.

Her story doesn't reflect the woman you see today. Through the pain and trauma of Jamie's addiction and her daughter's senseless murder, Valerie has become a woman of unwavering strength and courage and helps others disrupt their trauma and use it for good.

Valerie is an effective leader because she walks her talk. She is compassionate while inspiring people to step out of their comfort zone and become more. Valerie is quick-witted, engaging, wise, and fun. She is a believer who does her best to walk out her mission and create a legacy of hope.

Valerie is the creator of the 9 Weapons of Hop®, her exclusive Arsenal of resources available through the Warriors in Hope® Membership. She's a sought-after speaker and an award-winning author of multiple books, workbooks, and journals.  Valerie has a special heart for other moms with sons and daughters in addiction because she knows firsthand the devastating path they walk. She also knows there is hope. Her programs guide people to overcome the fallout from life's many traumas.

Valerie lives in Phoenix, AZ, with her husband, Rich and their crazy cat, Fiona and near her son, Sean and his wife Nicki.