Warriors in Hope:
The Freedom Experience!

October 6th & 7th Scottsdale, AZ (Phoenix)








Give yourself the gift of freedom. Get some friends together and join Valerie & guests for two life-changing days of hope!

Warriors in Hope

The Freedom Experience will empower you to go from impossible” to “I’m possible.”

Warriors in Hope LIVE will help you:

Identify your personal Beast that is overtaking your life.

Discover those limiting beliefs holding you back.

Build a safe, judgement-free community to celebrate victories.

Implement practical tools to live a life of freedom.

Open your eyes to see what’s possible.

Meet other Warriors who get it.

Have fun doing it.

We are in this together

When our Beasts get bigger, so does the need for a voice to fight them. We are that voice.

This is your moment.  Allow The Freedom Experience to change the trajectory of your life!

No matter what you are up against, you are not alone. We are standing with you.

Attending a live event and meeting Valerie has been an amazing highlight of my recovery. The information we learned, the chance to share my story and the time spent with other warriors truly added a level of interaction, and encouragement that keeps me motivated to stay the course when things get tough.

Sarah Earle

Valerie Silveira

Founder & Champion of Warriors in Hope®

If you never heard Valerie’s story, it would be difficult to imagine that her daughter Jamie was murdered at the age of 30 or that it was not the first time Jamie had been shot — 12 years and 12 days earlier, she survived the same injury.

But her story doesn’t reflect the woman you see today. Through the pain and trauma of Jamie’s addiction and her daughter’s senseless murder, Valerie has become a woman of unwavering strength and courage.

Valerie is the founder and Champion of Warriors in Hope® She’s an inspirational and engaging speaker and an award-winning author of multiple books, workbooks, and journals. Valerie has a special heart for other moms with sons and daughters in addiction and those who have lost children, having walked those devastating paths herself. She also believes we have similar feelings no matter which of life’s Beasts have come calling, so your story doesn’t have to be anything like hers for you to become a Warrior in Hope! Her programs guide people to overcome the fallout from life’s many traumas. She helps women out of the darkness and into their legacy.

Valerie is an effective leader because she walks her talk. She is compassionate while inspiring people to step out of their comfort zone and become more. Valerie is quick-witted, engaging, wise, and fun. She is a believer who does her best to walk out her mission and create a legacy of hope. She lives in Phoenix, AZ, with her husband, Rich, and her crazy cat, Fiona.

Best event ever! Truly life-changing.

Donna Bova-Manly

Tucker Stine

Brand Architect, Founder – Voices That Unite

“Have you ever woken up and thought to yourself that you’re living someone else’s story? At the age of 40, I had an epiphany, well you could say a midlife awakening of sorts. If I wanted to impact people the way I always imagined and find authentic happiness, I had to do one thing. At that moment, the only thing I had to change was everything.”

That was the beginning of one journey that would start a thousand more. To help others find their purpose. Share their story and build human connections and trusted bonds that disrupt positive social change on a global level. Simply put, we have the power to start movements. These are the stories we were meant to share, not to shame. These are the untold narratives that have always held us back, denying us the freedom to impact others. This is the very essence of our personal brand.

This is my purpose, my “calling”… where every voice is heard, every story is shared and every soul is expressed. The world is listening, so why not speak up? I am here to walk beside you and share that journey together. Let’s rewrite your script and architect your legacy!

Manna Ko, PhD, EdD

Founder – Voices That Unite

Manna is a storyteller, believer, author, TEDx Speaker, international speaker, personal excellence trainer, dog & animal lover, laughing-snort seeker, warrior, and dreamer. Whether you are mission-driven leaders, socially responsible business owners, brave organizations who lay it all down, are servant-leader entrepreneurs who “get it,” and are unseen heroes who don’t yet believe they’re worth more – but are willing to give it a shot, you will thrive with Manna.

For over 33 years, Manna has helped people step into their calling, live extraordinary lives, prosper through chaos, be a forerunner with unseen opportunities, lead under pressure, and deliver results. Manna has a diverse field of experience, training, giftings, a vast education, and is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, trainer, and executive mentor.

She has clients and trains speakers in over 10 countries, has spoken to over 40,000 people, and authored numerous articles, papers, curricula, and over two dozen books, including her life-giving message, “To Run With Horses.” She is a fierce, tenacious, fun-loving, and compassionate modern-day wonder woman who lives a grateful life with her family and “furmily.”

Sean Maher

Valerie’s Son & Warrior

Sean spent 15 years living in the shadow is his sister’s addiction. That and other life challenges left him angry, frustrated, and unhappy. He was ashamed of Jamie and ashamed for feeling that way. After her murder, Sean became angrier and tried everything he could to avoid the grief that chased him down.

Through continued communication, self-reflection, and warrior training, Sean has found a way to forgive his sister’s killer (something he vowed never to do), freeing himself from the anger consuming him.

He even taught Valerie how to re-wire her brain and ultimately transform how they viewed Jamie’s milestone dates, which in the past, could be unbearable.

His unique perspectives will give you tangible ways to overcome grief, anger, and more. Sean never imagined he would one day be on stage sharing his heart with other warriors, but he is honored to do just that.
He is a wise, engaging speaker with a great sense of humor.

Sean lives in Phoenix, AZ, with his beautiful wife, Nicki, and works as an Account Executive at Axon, helping law enforcement stay safe.

Hear from our Warriors in Hope Sisterhood!

Annelle Abernethy

Sarah Earle

Donna Bova-Manly

Dianne Chatelain

Jeri Griess

Grab a friend and join us! It’s always more fun together.


Strategies to Set You Free

Warriors in Hope LIVE: The Freedom Experience is about creating life-strategies. It is an experience that will inspire and motivate you, but importantly, empower you to set yourself free!

Warriors in Hope LIVE is for you if:

You no longer want fear to write your story.

You’re ready for true empowerment – not just some feel good stories.

You’re willing to come with an open heart and mind.

You’re tired of living with shame, guilt, or judgement.

You want to learn how to overcome the grip grief has over you.

You want a life-changing experience that you can take with you well beyond the weekend.

You want freedom from whatever Beast is holding you down or keeping you back.

You want to have fun!

Still Standing Live


There are several hotels in the North Scottsdale area to choose from. We have special rates with the hotels listed here.

The beautiful Venue 8600 is our Event Host!

Airport Information

Hilton Garden Inn Scottsdale North/Perimeter Center

Marriott McDowell Mountain

Special Rate Instructions:

  • www.marriott.com/phxno
  • select the dates needed
  • select the number of rooms/persons needed
  • select the special rates drop down
  • select corp/promo
  • type in T1021
  • continue with the reservation

Sonesta Suites Scottscale Gainey Ranch

Aiden Scottsdale

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Frequently Asked

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+ Is there a dress code?

We want everyone to be comfortable. Business casual is always a good option.

+ Is this a women's only event?

No. While most of our attendees are women, men are welcome! Men can feel comfortable joining us!

+ Is there a host hotel?

We don’t have one hotel, but there are a few close to the venue with special event pricing. See all travel and venue information HERE.

+ Is there a charge for parking?

Parking is free.

+ Do you offer refunds?

We do not have a refund poilicy as we plan well in advance for the event. If you have a special hardship, please get in touch and we will do our best to accomodate.

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