Live Above Their Addiction

Valerie Silveira

Live Above Their Addiction

Live Above Their Addiction

The journey of addiction with a child is like no other. Unless one has walked through it, one cannot begin to understand the heart-wrenching weeks, months, and years we live. I do.

As time passes and we realize we never had control, we must begin our journey to recovery. This program will give you the tools you need to think differently and permit yourself to have hope for your life.

No matter where the twists and turns of your son or daughter’s addiction take you, it is essential to change your thinking, adopt new perspectives, and gain the strength to live above their addiction without losing hope.

Accepting the Painful Reality

You don’t have to like it, but you need to accept the reality of what is happening, which is the first step in empowering you to start the journey to YOUR recovery.

Fight As If Your Life Depends On It

Your next breath might not be dependent upon you standing up to fight. However, there’s a big difference between existing and living. You are in a battle for your life just as your loved on it, so you need to get serious about the fight.

Take Off the Supermom Cape

It seems as if we receive a cape when our children arrive. We expect to use it for the everyday bumps and bruises of their lives, but when addiction comes into the picture, our cape takes on a whole new meaning.

I don’t know about you, but my cape became tattered, ripped, torn, and full of holes. It was faded and worn out. I had it caught in doors, drawers, and in my underwear! It nearly strangled me. It might be time for you to remove yours before it chokes you!

Shed Shame and Guilt

Shame says something is wrong with you, and guilt says it’s your fault. These are both lies the Beast convinces us of, and over time, we agree with them. Shame and guilt don’t serve anyone, so let’s be free of them.

If we keep carrying these around, how can we expect our loved ones to rid themselves of theirs?

Remove the Burden

Understandably, we try to convince our loved ones to fight their Beast. One of the many tactics is to tell them how unhappy they are making us. That might work, but it probably only adds another burden to the heavy one they already carry.

Permission to Recover

When someone we love is not doing well, it seems wrong for us to move forward with our lives. It seems selfish, but that’s not true. If we aren’t first there for ourselves, we can’t be there for anyone else.

Lead the Way

We spend much time telling, but one thing we don’t do enough is showing. Demonstrate to yourself and your son or daughter what courage looks like. Show them it’s possible to stand up in their darkest days.

Resource to help: The 9 Weapons of Hope accessible exclusively through the Warriors in Hope Sisterhood.


Live Above Their Addiction Program!

Addiction can consume our thoughts and actions, but this program empowers you to regain control over your own life. By recognizing you can separate yourself from your loved one’s addiction without abandoning hope for their recovery, you can find a balance between support and self-care.

Through this process and the seven concepts presented, you can begin to heal and rediscover your self-worth.

The Live Above Their Addiction program offers hope and a path toward reclaiming one’s life. By embracing these key concepts, you can break free from codependency, shed shame and guilt, and live with renewed purpose and joy.

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