Disrupt Trauma For Good®

Valerie Silveira

disrupt trauma for good

Disrupt Trauma For Good

Most people have experienced trauma at some level. There are many aspects to moving through traumatic experiences, but at some point, we should choose to disrupt the trauma cycle.

Does Disrupting Mean Ignoring?

One definition for disrupt is “to interrupt or impede.”

When we choose to overcome or disrupt a pattern that is negatively impacting our lives, it can feel as if we are choosing to ignore the situation, but that’s not true. When it is time to stop allowing our trauma to control our lives or define us, it is not burying your head in the sand. It is choosing to stop allowing the traumatic events of our past to ruin the rest of our lives.

What We Focus on Magnifies

If we stare at a minor problem long enough, it becomes a big one. Focusing continuously on a significant issue makes it massive. Running the movie repeatedly in our minds of major trauma overwhelms us. We are left feeling victimized. It destroys our self-worth and confidence.

Whatever has happened to you is real. It’s easy to get stuck re-living your situation, no matter how large or how small. Sometimes it’s as if we want to yell at the top of our lungs – “it’s not fair!” I’ve discovered that life can often feel unfair.

We Have a Choice

We have a choice in how we handle what we consider to be unfair. We either stay stuck, or we rise above our circumstances. We disrupt our thought patterns. We choose to use our trauma for good.

Disrupting Your Thoughts

It all starts with our thoughts. The battle is for your mind. Once we experience something that has shaken us to our core, we allow our feelings to run the show. If we begin to harness our thoughts, we can control those feelings that keep slamming us back down to the mat.

Here’s a quick tip. I call it a Disruptor Word. The next time your thoughts head you into a victim, shame, guilt, self-doubt, or fear mode, disrupt your thoughts with a word. This word needs to move you. For instance, my Disruptor Word is “legacy.” One of my critical missions is to leave a lasting legacy of hope for others. If my thoughts do not align with that goal, I say “legacy” (out loud whenever possible) to disrupt the negative thought pattern. Next, I replace those thoughts with new ones that support my legacy mission.

Go ahead and give it a try!

Disrupt Trauma For GOOD

If you thought the phrase, Disrupt Trauma For Good™, has a double meaning, you are correct. We are on a mission to help people disrupt their trauma forever, so they can get up off of the mat and reclaim their lives.

However, the next part of the process is using the trauma for good. For me, trauma came packed as childhood chaos and fear. It included my first husband cheating on me. It exploded with my daughter Jamie’s 15-year addiction, her near-fatal shooting when she was 18. It contained the massive financial betrayal by a former friend. The big one was Jamie’s murder when she was 30 years old.

You could write your paragraph like the one above. It would be different from mine, but it’s yours, and it is negatively impacting your life. That is until you choose to stop it in its tracks.

What about using YOUR trauma to do some good?

For me, the personal traumas were nothing compared to what was happening to my daughter. The inability to save Jamie from her addiction Beast nearly destroyed me. During the 13 years, I rode my Roller Coaster From Hell with my Beast at the controls; it didn’t occur to me that I could use any of it for good. I just wanted it to stop!

When I finally found the courage to stand up and take on my Beast, another thought occurred. What if other people could follow in some of my footsteps? What if even one person could find their way up off of the mat. The thought excited and terrified me.

While I would rather have met the women I have for different reasons, it has been my honor to stand in awe of the traumas they are overcoming. I am watching them choose to stand. I am witnessing them using their trauma for good.

Every single person who has had all hell break loose also has an opportunity to lead at least one person out of the darkness.

Why not you?

Commit to these two steps:

1. Decide you are going to disrupt your trauma forever.
2. Believe that while you are working on that, you can begin to use it for good.

There is value in the road you have traveled. There is opportunity in your trauma.


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