9 Things Courageous Women Do

Fear seems to be at an all-time high. It is what keeps holds us back or keeps us down. Learn 9 things to help you live courageously.

Do you fear the future? Is there something specific that scares you? Are you afraid to let go and let God? Are you fearful of what people might think of you? Does fear have too much control over your life? If so, these tips are for you!

Stop allowing fear to keep you down or away from living your legacy.


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Fear is debilitating. Since there will always be situations that scare us, we need to learn how to live with more courage. These tips will help you with the big fears and the smaller ones too!

Thank you Valerie. You have definitely been a shining light in my life. You helped me get through the most tragic and horrific times in my life. Go forth and continue to slay the Beast for other Warriors in need.


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