6 Keys to Staying Positive in Tough Times


6 Keys to Staying Positive in Tough Times

It is challenging enough to stay positive when your life is more defined, but even more so when everything seems uncertain. These 6 Keys to Staying Positive in Tough Times will help.

  1. Gain Perspective. Times have always been uncertain.
  2. Treasure Today. These ARE the good ol’ days.
  3. Have Faith. Believe in something bigger than yourself.
  4. Find the Good. Even from the worst situations, we can find good.
  5. Speak the right Words. Remember that words have power.
  6. Get around the Right People. Who influences you matters.

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It is challenging enough to stay positive when your life is more defined, but even more so when everything seems uncertain. Listen to the news or talk with your neighbor long enough, and you might find yourself scared. Your thoughts might send you right into depression.

  1. Gain Perspective.Times have always been uncertain. In early childhood, we were unsure about making friends, fitting in, and being liked. We were apprehensive when it came to school, jobs, and our changing bodies. No matter how old we become, there is uncertainty surrounding jobs, relationships, marriage, and society.Only a few things are sure. We are confident the sun will rise in the morning and set at night. We have oxygen in the air and need it to survive. For me, God is a certainty. (But that still takes some work to believe).While it may appear these days are more uncertain than ever, they may not be. It could be that we have access to instant and constant. The news is no longer simply reported, but rather, opinions are crammed down our throats.  Life has always been, and always will be uncertain.
  2. Treasure Today.Life is a gift. When the clock strikes midnight, this day becomes a memory. Never discount the value of your precious time, no matter what is going on in your life or the world.You may be longing for the “good ol’ days,” but I’m here to remind you that these are the good ol’ days!
  3. Have Faith.If you believe in God, cling to him! If you are a solution-oriented person like me, it may be challenging to let go and let God. He knows more than we do, and he’s got plans we can’t begin to understand. If God is not your thing, find faith in something or someone. Always have faith in yourself
  4. Find the Good.In every situation, we can find good. It may seem as if there is nothing good about your circumstances. There was nothing good about my daughter Jamie’s murder, but much good has come from it. Whatever deep waters you are wading through, know that there is good to come from it your experience. It’s your job to find it and then use it!
  5. Speak the Right Words.Words have power, and our brains tend to believe what they hear. Take responsibility for bombarding yours with positivity, hope, encouragement, belief, and faith. While you don’t know the future, or what will occur, but the worst-case scenario is that you are living hopeful and positive. There is no benefit to the opposite way of thinking or negative words spoken.
  6. Get Around the Right People.When Jamie and Sean were growing up, I would tell them the importance of being around the right people. I would say, “if you hang out with bank robbers, eventually, you will become a bank robber.” That might sound extreme, but they got the point. We take on the mannerisms, beliefs, and actions of those we spend time with and are influenced by. Get around people who lift you, encourage you, and inspire you to live with the right attitude.

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Your story matters, so live it courageously!