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5 Steps to Kick the Negative Attitude Habit

No matter what kind of attitude you currently have, it is a habit. How you view your life and the world changes with time and experience. Children are positive and hopeful. They laugh easily, forgive quickly, and believe in the future. They know how to kick the negative attitude habit.

You were a child at one time, so sometime long ago, you had a positive attitude. We go through heartbreak, betrayal, and loss, leaving us negative and cynical.

In my young life, I experienced a great deal of disappointment, so this young girl decided the best way to protect herself was to think the worst; that way, I would never be disappointed. I decided that if something good happened, I would consider it a bonus. In my state of mind, at the time, it seemed logical.

Perhaps you can relate to this line of thinking. It was a way to protect yourself from the effects of disappointment. Attitude is contagious, so maybe you are around negative people regularly.

Kick the Negative Attitude Habit

No matter how you lost your positive attitude, the good news is that you can get it back. Here are some tips to help you do just that:

1. Remember the feeling. Recall the feelings you had when life was full of possibilities; before you allowed negativity to invade your mind.8

2. It all starts with your thoughts. Anything we do or do not do begins with an idea. So, you want to start switching your thoughts before they become words or actions. Anytime a negative thought enters your brain, cancel it and replace it with something hopeful.

3. Swallow your words.  Especially at the beginning of your quest to move into a positive mindset, words will fly out of your mouth before you even have time to reframe your thoughts. Remember, this is a habit, so much of it will occur, initially without conscious thought.  When this happens, cancel your words by restating the comment.

4. Consider yourself a positive person. Begin to see yourself as a cheerful and optimistic person. Not one person is positive 100% of the time, so don’t wait to consider yourself a positive person. Start right now, thinking of yourself in that way. Visualization is powerful.

5. Take positive action. Our actions tend to follow our thoughts and words. Like thinking and speaking, actions can be habitual as well. The decisions you make and the actions you take or decide not to take should fall in line with your new attitude. Be mindful of other habits that can sabotage your thought process.

It will take a fair amount of courage to kick the negative thinking habit. Your old thought patterns will attempt to take over. Family and friends who are in the same self-defeating pattern you are, might not like seeing the change in you. Remember that this is your life and you get to decide how to live. Be brave enough to stand up for yourself and declare your commitment to a positive attitude.

Nobody is perfect, so be careful not to be too hard on yourself when you think negative thoughts or speak negative words. Keep using these five tips and before long, you will be living the life of a positive thinker.

Your Story Matters…Live it, Courageously.

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