Valerie Silveira

Valerie Silveira helps women overcome life’s obstacles and challenges so they can become warriors who live with hope.

Life will always include challenges, pain, and loss, but you become stronger than anything that comes your way. To disrupt trauma for good means a shift in thinking from a place of weakness to one of owning your power. It’s about realizing the value of your adversity and then putting it to work for the world.

My daughter’s addiction is the big Beast that came calling my life. I spent 13 years riding the Roller Coaster From Hell, spiraling into darkness as Jamie lost herself to addiction. At the age of 30, Jamie was murdered. It devastated me, but I had learned how to disrupt my trauma and to use the 9 Weapons of Hope® to reclaim my life. So, I got back up with a massive hole in my heart, more determined than ever to make a difference, to lead others out of the darkness.

My mission is to help women overcome life’s obstacles and challenges so they can become warriors who live with hope. You can be free from the grip of shame, guilt, self-doubt, anger, helplessness, fear, and more. No matter what you’ve walked through, you are not alone.

We are in this life together, and I am standing with you.



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