Valerie Silveira

Founder & Champion of Warriors in Hope®

Hi, I’m Valerie Silveira. If you have never heard my story, it would be difficult to imagine that my daughter Jamie was murdered at 30 or that it was not the first time Jamie had been shot — 12 years and 12 days earlier, she survived the same injury. But my story doesn’t reflect the woman you see today.

The most gifted person I knew went off the rails at 15 and spent half of her life in the devastation of addiction. Unable to save Jamie, my life was spiraling into darkness. After riding the Roller Coaster From Hell with my Beast at the controls for over a decade, I pulled the emergency brake and got off. With a tiny bit of hope and a shred of self-worth, I stood up to fight, reclaim my life, and become a role model of hope for Jamie, my son Sean, and others.

My mission is not one I sought after but one that found me. While part of me wishes I was assigned a different purpose, I have fully embraced it and consider it an honor to stand with others and help them shed their shame, guilt, and fear. I love watching them disrupt and replace their trauma with courage and hope.

Life will always include challenges, pain, and loss, but you can become stronger than anything that comes your way. When you choose courage, you will experience a massive shift in thinking. As a result, you move from a place of weakness to one of owning your power. Soon you will realize the value of your adversity and then put it to work for the world. Your story matters, so let’s get started living it courageously! 

There is hope

We can do this together

Life is tough. So we must become stronger and more courageous than anything that comes our way. Get guidance from someone who has been where you are and now lives with courage and hope.

Warrior Coaching

Valrie’s coaching gives you exclusive acces to the 9 Weapons of Hope and MORE!


Join us at a life-changing LIVE Warriors in Hope event in sunny Phoenix, Arizona.

1 to 1 Coaching

These private coaching packages are the perfect add-on to Warrior Empowerment.

Courage Challenge

Spend 21-days with Valerie doing one thing a day to help you overcome the hold fear has over you.

Warrior Mindset

This Confident Start program will be the beginning of a new attitude.

Live Above Their Addiction

The Confident Start program is specifically designed for mom of those in addiction.

You are not alone

Warrior Empowerment gives you exclusive access to the 9 Weapons of Hope® where Valerie will lead you on your path to freedom from your Beast (everyone has one).

Warriors in Hope

“Once I decided I didn’t want to be sad and miserable all the time, and walking around like a zombie just going through the motions of life, I found Valerie and her 9 Weapons of Hope, and now I immerse myself in my recovery. I literally use them in every area of my life and every single day of my life.”
Jeri Griess, Syracuse, UT

“Valerie’s guidance has helped me live beyond fear, and discover the fullness of life despite some of the most difficult things I could ever have imagined. I am so grateful for her courage to share her story, the wisdom of her resources, & courageous example as she herself lives with a hole in her heart everyday.”
Sarah Earle, Charleson, SC

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